What A Product Development Firm Can Do For You

If you run a small business, you’re sure to be well aware that you need to spend time and money in order to grow your business and expand.  You must always be moving in one direction or another, whether this means expanding your premises, expanding your staff, or expanding your product lines.

Product lines are essential for a business that does anything in fabrication.  They’re so essential, in fact, that many stores now offer their own product lines in competition with the others that they sell in the store, which is a truly interesting development, as they’ve stayed out of that kind of business, for the most part, in the past.

understanding the process of product developmentHowever, for your small business, coming out with new products can be a life or death situation.  The process of product development is a very daunting one, and one that costs a lot.  I don’t just mean that it costs a lot to come up with a new product, speaking of money, but it costs a lot in terms of man hours, hours that are being spent working on the new product to the detriment of other things that may need doing as well.  Then there’s the fact that you’re pumping a lot of money into the product development, and you can see how daunting a task the whole thing can be.

The process of product development can destroy a company without proper planning and a proper understanding of what needs doing.  A company needs to not only be able to afford the money they’re going to be spending on the process, but also be able to survive without the money while it’s rolling back in, which can be a timely thing.  Without a good amount of profit from a new product or product line, you’re going to find yourself without a lot of capital, and in some cases, you can find yourself without the capital that you need to survive and continue to run a business, which can mean bankruptcy and the end of your business.

You can avoid this pitfall with proper product development, but for most small businesses, you don’t have the marketing team on hand that you’ll need for real product development on a meaningful level.  Hiring and keeping one employee dedicated to marketing is expensive enough, but having the entire team that you’ll likely need is just cost prohibitive for many businesses.  What are you to do, then, to get the expertise you need to ensure that your new product sells well?  You hire a product development company.

What can they do for you, you may be asking.  Well, they can help you with the marketing aspects of your new product, which, as I’ve mentioned before, is something that is likely to be very important if you want to make some money with your new product instead of suffering the collapse of your business. A product development firm is well equipped to help you make money, and make themselves a bit as well.

So, let us pretend, for the sake of informing you of how they help you, that you’ve brewed a beer, as a business.  It’s an amazing beer, but one that you’re only going to brew three thousand bottles of, and so you’ll be charging twenty dollars a bottle for it.  Who do you think your market is?

No, your market isn’t simply ‘beer drinkers’.  Consider this; one of every two beers sold in America is a cheap, tasteless beer, suggesting that the only reason people buy it is to get inebriated quickly and cheaply.  So, you don’t want to try to appeal to the people just trying to get inebriated cheaply and quickly, it’s not something your product is going to be able to offer to them at the cost of twenty bucks a bottle.  Your product development firm, though, will look at the beer market as it exists today, and will notice that there are people who consider buying a beer to be an adventure, and experience, and that these people are likely to spend more money for a very tasty, or unusual, beer, both of which your hypothetical product is.  They’ll advise you, then, how to reach these people, most likely hipsters, and how to get their money.

So, if you’re looking at producing a new product, hire a product development firm (if you’re looking to produce a new beer, hire me. I will taste test it for you for free).  They can assist you in ensuring you market it well, and that means more money for you, leading into new projects, and the cycle continues from there.


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